Alyson Smith

Each of those honey comb cells were woven by different students from the youth group at Christ Church, members of my small group, and many other helping hands. The last couple of months working on the #heartofthehiveproject with @mothabug and @leannecaresaboutkids has reawakened my creative energy, brought light back into my life where I thought it was gone, and shown me that community can be created through something so simple. I am forever grateful for the sacred space created during this project and I hope it spreads light as far as it can go! …....................................................... I know what it feels like to be lonely, feel left out, ashamed, not good enough, rejected, heartbroken and hurt. 
I also know that healing from those things happens when you begin to invite light back into your life, even into the darkest places. ☀️Light is people who allow you to be your highest most authentic self and love you for it. Life-giving Friends who create a space filled with grace for vulnerability. ☀️Light is a faith rooted in love and hope. ☀️Light is creating something beautiful from what seems like nothing. ☀️Light is a community that uplifts and supports each other.

When you welcome light into your life, you can heal, you can become a light yourself, and you will be able to shine on other people too. 
If you have read this whole thing... Please go out into the world and be a light, show kindness and grace to the people in your life. Lord knows this world needs more kindness and grace and love ❤️❤️❤️

Lauren Epps 

The Heart of The Hive project was easily one of my favorite things about being in Lacoste. I really enjoyed the relaxing atmosphere while weaving and also getting to learn more about bees and the environment along the way. Being able to work with other students and see all of our weavings joined together at the end of the summer was a memorable experience and it was also a great way to bond with everyone. The project is fun for everyone and the creative possibilities and combinations are endless!

Chris Nolan



Jon Lee Rucker

Such a cool experience! It's very relaxing working with your hands and creating something individually beautiful that becomes part of a bigger installation. I loved how approachable it was, anyone can make one of these!




This is something that children and adults can connect to and learn from. Deeply powerful teachings.