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Melissa Hagerty, aka MothaBug, is a mixed-media artist who is based out of Maui, HI.  Her work inspires a deepening of our human connection to the Earth and our interconnectedness to all living beings. She is influenced by diverse landscapes, natural beauty, and traditional art forms. Her mediums include: oil paintings, illustrations, mixed-media encaustic work, weavings, and community based art installations. She explores ways to educate about sustainability and find more sustainable practices in creative processes.

Also as a performance artist and musician, Melissa has toured across the US performing with different musical projects.


The "Sea of Nectar" is a a small lunar sea found on the map of the Earth's Moon.  In the beginning stages of creating a non-profit that provides opportunities for more Heart of the Hive installations and sustainably minded artists, musicians, and community projects; the Sea of Nectar is symbolically a sea of abundance, creativity, generosity, and healing.